AHS 2022 at UCLA, I am presenting a talk on COVID-19

I will be presenting at the next Ancestral Health Symposium, at UCLA, on August 18. The title of my talk will be:

Nutritional and Lifestyle Immunology related to Acute and Long Covid.

AHS includes talks, posters, movement sessions, workshops, and a welcome dinner.

It is a scientific conference but is generally lay-accessible.

AHS covers a wide range of topics, from diet to sleep, breathing, movement, and more — all examined through the lens of evolutionary mismatch

AHS examines various ways modern human life has diverged from how we evolved successfully for millennia and how those differences are affecting us, making us sick and unhappy.

AHS is fun and inspiring, and you’ll leave having made new friends and with new ideas about how to optimize your health

If you decide to join us, please come say hello. Tickets are available through the AHS Website, at ancestralhealth.org — [“Ancestral Health Dot Org”] — where you can also see the three-day schedule for the event, from August 18 to 20.

You can get a 10% discount using the the Eventbrite promo code “PresenterFriend”.

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