Suggested Websites, on-line lectures, podcasts, blogs

Here are some great web sites to visit:

Chronic Pain Management:

Physicians and Ancestral Health

Exercise and Health:

My friend in Belarus, Dmitri Konash, discovered a path to health and wellness and has created a blog documenting his approach. It includes many podcasts including 2 interviews of yours truly discussing chronic inflammation and COVID 19.

Explore Fitness – this is a great website with links to Darryl Edward’s book. I have personally experienced the great teaching ability and knowledge of this exceptional fitness and nutrition coach.

Dr. Ragnar – Health and Fitness in the Real World – Home  Tommy is a great doctor, thoughtful and articulate writer, and a wonderful person. His website/blog is well worth following.

Doc’s Opinion – Blog About Heart Disease, Nutrition, Healthy Lifestyle and Prevention of Disease Axel is a practicing cardiologist. His posts present clear and insightful discussion with excellent references on topics related to heart disease and general health topics.

http://Lucy Mailing, PhD: Integrative, Evidence-Based Gut Health Lucy is the ultimate source for information about gut health and the microbiome. 

Open Video Archives | Physicians for Ancestral Health This website has several lectures from the annual meetings of the medical organization that advocates for a Paleo Lifestyle (nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress reduction, social support)

If you have an AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE, you should immediately go to the following websites:

http://Autoimmune Wellness: Autoimmune Protocol | AIP Recipes … These two ladies walk the walk of autoimmune wellness, they have put themselves into remission from autoimmune disease and provide very useful information on the AIP.

The Autoimmune Protocol » The Paleo Mom

Terry Wahls MD | Defeating Progressive Multiple Sclerosis without Drugs | MS Recovery | Food As Medicine | The official website of Terry Wahls, MD, author and physician who has recovered from secondary progressive multiple sclerosis by using the Wahls way-Food as medicine.

and purchase The Paleo Approach: Reverse Autoimmune Disease and Heal Your Body: Sarah Ballantyne, Robb Wolf: 9781936608393: Books And the book by Terry Wahls MD.

For information related to health in general especially as regards nutrition: Ancestral Health Society’s Presentations on SlideShare

Visit this site to enjoy great lectures on topics related to evolutionary medicine.

If you want to know about the milk-dairy issue, watch Pedro Bastos’s lectures Milk, Dairy And Human Health, as well as Dairy, Hormones and human health.

For an excellent discussion of heart disease view Chris Masterjohn’s Heart Disease and Molecular Degeneration.

Want to understand more about cholesterol? Watch The Straight dope on Cholesterol by Peter Attia MD. When you follow the link to Peter’s lecture on the right sidebar you will see a link to the classic Oiling of America by Mary Enig PhD and Sally Fallon. This is a must view to learn about the early and unfortunate history of the edible oil industry and it’s effect on health in America.

Dr. Lustig’s lecture on high fructose corn syrup will make you want to read labels in the supermarket. Follow the link to his lecture and on the right column you will see links to many obesity related lectures.

Emily Deans and Jamie Scott’s Resiliency explores Mental Health from an evolutionary perspective.

Steffan Lindeberg MD PhD’s lecture Food and Western Disease is the best introduction to ground-breaking medical anthropology and hunter-gatherer research you can find.

To explore the influence of intestinal bacteria on human health view Allison Siebecker’s lecture Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth.

To understand the arguments of Vegan vs Whole Foods Omnivore view Denise Minger’s lecture from 2011 Vegan? Carnivore?.

Insulin and Obesity: Reconciling Conflicting Evidence, by Stephan Guyenet, Ph.D.,will walk you through the chicken and egg discussion of insulin resistance and obesity. All the lectures are worthwhile, the suggestions herein are a great place to start. To get the most from these slides you should download and simultaneously listen to the audio files (if available) at Ancestral Health Society’s Videos on Vimeo If you choose to just watch and listen to the videos you often do not benefit from viewing the slides so do both simultaneously whenever possible.

Evolutionary Psychiatry  Emily Deans is a Harvard trained psychiatrist who blogs about the effects of nutrition and lifestyle on health and in particular, mental health. Her thesis and my manifesto are well aligned. We are both members of Physicians and Ancestral Health, an organization of physicians and medical students devoted to exploring medicine from an evolutionary perspective.

Chris Kresser Chris Kresser is a licensed acupuncturist, very knowledgeable in the area of nutrition and lifestyle with great reviews of important topics.

Health Correlator Ned Kock has a Ph. D. in business as well as degrees in engineering and computer science.  He has created a unique statistical tool with which he analyzes health and medical data on this website. Ned applied this tool to the full set of data from the China Study (the study, not the book) and discovered that the conclusions of Dr. T Collin Campbell (author of the book The China Study are not supported by the data from the original study.

Hyperlipid Petro at hyperlipid is a veterinary anesthesiologist with a BSc in physiology. His knowledge of mitochondrial physiology provides wonderful insights to the nutrition and medicine literature. This site is heavy in biochemistry so be prepared for technical jargon.

The Blog of Michael R. Eades, M.D. » A critical look at nutritional science. Dr. Eades specializes in weight loss. He explores pitfalls in navigating the interpretation of data in medical studies. His analysis often reveals the non-sequitur conclusions published in the medical literature and explanations for why the conclusions, often quoted by medical journalists, are erroneous.

The China Study: Fact or Fallacy? | Raw Food SOS Denise has published on line the most exhaustive review of the data from the China Study in comparison to the thesis presented by T. Collin Campbell in his book, The China Study. Her superlative analysis should give pause to anyone considering becoming a vegan after reading Campbell’s book or after watching the movie Forks Over Knives. She has analyzed both sources of misinformation and exposed the pseudo-science presented in both the book and the movie. If you are a vegan you deserve to read her analysis of the data.

The Daily Lipid Chris Masterjohn PhD provides excellent discussions of nutrition science and the value of whole food consumption. His discussions of cholesterol metabolism and atherosclerosis are cutting edge, honest, and open-minded.

What Is The Paleo Diet? Robb Wolf is responsible for bringing evolutionary health and diet into mainstream America with his NY times bestseller published in 2010. Although the science has changed since the original publication and Robb has backed off on a few recommendations (most related to fish oil supplementation) his website has a wealth of information and links to very important publications available on line.

The International Network of Cholesterol Skeptics Some would consider this group of iconoclasts to be over the top, but they have worked hard to bring the problems of biased reporting and citations in the area of cholesterol, saturated fat and disease to the attention of the medical community and the public. For a more balanced discussion of cholesterol, LDL particles and atherosclerosis read Chris Masterjohn and Stephan Gueynet,  But be grateful to the Cholesterol Skeptics and in particular, Uffe Ravnskov, MD, PhD, for raising some very important questions and for revealing the unfortunate history of biased and often misleading medical publications.

Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University Named in honor of the famous Nobel laureate chemist who wrote the most important textbook in physical chemistry, this Institute does great work in the area of micro-nutrients and provides an excellent source of information in this area to the public. But like most medical research organizations there remains a strong bias against saturated fat.

Whole Health Source Stephan Guyenet PhD conducts research on obesity and regulation of body fat by the brain. I have enjoyed his lectures (available on line) as well as his posts. His discussion of atherosclerosis coincides closely with my reading of the medical literature. He also has some excellent discussions of omega 6 and omega 3 fats.

The Paleo Diet | Dr. Loren Cordain, Founder of the Paleo Diet Movement Dr. Cordain broke early ground in evolutionary medicine and was a mentor for Robb Wolf in Robb’s formative years. He has advanced a significant thesis with regard to auto-immune disease relative to intestinal permeability and gluten-gliadin.  His writing has clarified other problems associated with grains, legumes, and dairy. Unfortunately, some intolerant individuals in the evolutionary health movement have been critical of Dr. Cordain’s earlier expressed concerns over saturated fat, which have been modified over time. This topic remains controversial as you will learn as you read through my future posts. Dr. Cordain’s work has made a definitive contribution to health science and many in the evolutionary health area stand on the shoulders of his work. If you have an auto-immune disease you should definitely visit his website as well as Robb Wolf’s website. I was pleased to submit a case report published in Dr. Cordain’s newsletter that discussed a dramatic clinical response in a patient with Rheumatoid Arthritis who adopted a gluten free paleo diet.

Author, investigative journalist Nina Teicholz spoke at the CATO Institute about the sad history of the vilification of dietary saturated fat, whilst exposing the sordid history of Proctor and Gamble (remember Crisco?) funding the expansion of the American Heart Association, conflicting that organization’s policy statements on nutrition and fat for decades. Much is discussed in this exploration of how dietary recommendations went wrong in the US in the mid to late 20th century.

Bob Hansen MD

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