COVID-19 and Death Certificates, Trumps Allegations

Trump has recently accused doctors of falsifying death certificates for financial gain. Let’s be clear.

  1. If a patient is hospitalized with viral pneumonia and dies, the cause of death has ALWAYS been listed as the viral pneumonia, no matter what complications occurred, no matter what the pre-existing conditions were. Viral pneumonia can cause heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, multiple organ failure but the proper cause of death to be listed is the initial presenting causative agent.
  2. Doctor’s caring for COVID-19 patients in the hospital do not get paid more because of the diagnosis. Hospitals may get extra payment because of the pandemic circumstances, doctors do not. Recently the AMA has recommended additional payment to OFFICE PRACTICES for the extra expense of COVID-19 precautions. This does not impact hospital doctor payment.
  3. Death is not the only bad outcome. “Long COVID” is a state of persistent symptoms and disability that can occur even after mild illness not requiring hospitalization. Post viral syndromes such as this have long been recognized and can last a lifetime. Consequences can include shortness of breath with minimal exertion, chronic fatigue, heart failure, kidney failure, chronic pain to name a few. A recent study from Germany demonstrated MYOCARDITIS (chronic heart inflammation) in 70% of patients “recovered” from COVID-19. 80% of those patients were not hospitalized. We do not yet know the extent of long term morbidity caused by this virus. Viral Myocarditis is a common cause of cardiomyopathy that can lead to heart transplant, shortened life, and decreased quality of life.
  4. Misleading and untruthful statements that downplay the serious nature of this pandemic, especially by national leadership, cause great harm to our nation, bringing unnecessary death, suffering, and economic ruin. Such lies result in many people defying necessary and effective public health measures such as wearing masks, washing hands, social distancing.
  5. In any pandemic public health recommendations change as more information becomes available. This is to be expected. Trump has dangerously and tragically criticized our public health leaders for changing recommendations as new information and new circumstances have evolved.
  6. The greatest nation in the world still has not implemented an adequate TEST-TRACE-ISOLATE infrastructure. Our testing is inadequate, takes too long, has too many false positives and false negatives. Similarly, tracing and isolating are not widely and effectively implemented. This requires NATIONAL COORDINATION AND LEADERSHIP. It also requires that all Americans take this seriously. Trumps denial of the truth has led many Americans to disregard the necessary steps to safely reopen our economy.
  7. By now business shut downs and severe restrictions would be unnecessary if America had instituted early and effective TEST-TRACE-ISOLATE. By now, our economy would be out of trouble. Instead lies, deceit, and incompetence has led to unnecessary death, suffering, chronic illness, and economic disaster.
  8. Even after a vaccine is available, MASKS, HAND WASHING, SOCIAL DISTANCE, will still be necessary for a long time.

The Republican leadership has consistently failed to call out TRUMP on this issue and many others. The Republican leaders have failed to fulfill their sworn duty to protect our citizens from harm and instead placed party over country. This deplorable behavior threatens Balance of Power and Democracy itself.

In the context of the COVID 19 pandemic I will close with the usual summary.

  1. Avoid alcohol consumption (alcohol wreaks havoc with your immunity)
  2. Get plenty of sleep (without adequate sleep your immune system does not work well )
  3. Follow good sleep habits
  4. Exercise, especially out of doors in a green space, supports the immune system
  5. Get some sunshine and make sure you have adequate Vitamin D levels.
  6. Eat an anti-inflammatory diet rich in micronutrients.
  7. Practice stress reduction like meditation and yoga which improves the immune system
  8. Eliminate sugar-added foods and beverages from your diet. These increase inflammation, cause metabolic dysfunction, and suppress immunity.
  9. Eliminate refined-inflammatory “vegetable oils” from your diet, instead eat healthy fat.
  10. Clean up your home environment and minimize your family’s exposure to environmental toxins by following recommendations at with regards to household products, personal care products, and organic foods. (


Eat clean, drink filtered water, love, laugh, exercise outdoors in a greenspace, get some morning sunlight, block the blue light before bed, engage in meaningful work, find a sense of purpose, spend time with those you love, AND sleep well tonight.

Doctor Bob

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