USDA Dietary Guidelines Flawed

The NUTRITION COALITION is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing science to dietary recommendations in the US. The COALITION recently called upon the USDA to hold off on publishing it’s updated Dietary Guidelines for US Citizens because of reported improprieties in the process of scientific review.

The guidelines since their inception have been biased and flawed, ignoring much of the dissenting scientific opinion in testimony before the committee and cherry picking studies without a balanced approach to the scientific literature.

The confluence of the Covid-19 pandemic with the epidemics of obesity and diabetes in the US have created a perfect public health storm, as discussed in my last post. The USDA Dietary Guidelines Committee chose to ignore more than 50 studies that confirm the benefits of a Very Low Carbohydrate nutritional approach to address obesity and diabetes.

Because of the importance of the guidelines influencing US dietary choices in the context of COVID-19 I have copied the informative letter from the NUTRITION COALITION below. There is a link in the letter that will allow you to send emails to your senators, congressman, and the Secretary of Agriculture, supporting the recommendations of the NUTRITION COALITION.

Here is the letter.

Dear Friends and Colleagues, 

In a remarkable development, one or more member(s) of the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee recently came forth and blew the whistle, identifying serious flaws in the Dietary Guidelines process. I write to you today to ask that you contribute your voice to our effort to have these allegations taken seriously by the U.S. Departments of Agriculture and Health and Human Services (USDA-HHS). We are specifically asking these federal agencies to delay the Committee’s report, which is due out in just a matter of weeks, until the allegations can be investigated and addressed.  

The Dietary Guidelines are considered the “gold standard” of science and are a powerful lever on government feeding programs, military rations, professional medical associations, and much more—including nutrition guidelines around the world. It is imperative that they be based on good science.  

However, the current 2020 process is clearly flawed. We know, for instance, that almost all studies on weight loss have been excluded from consideration. We also know that virtually all studies on carbohydrate restriction have been excluded. Some USDA reviews of the science include the science only up to 2016, despite a Congressional mandate that the Dietary Guidelines include a comprehensive review of the science “that is current at the time.” It’s clear that the expert committee, in addition to excluding crucial science, has not been given enough time to do its work and has, essentially, had to cut corners.  

Moreover, the Advisory Committee, in its draft conclusions, indicated that the cap on saturated fats is likely to stay firmly in place. The evidence linking saturated fats to heart disease was judged to be “strong,” not only for adults, but also, for the first time, children. Yet scientific justification for a continuation of these caps is lacking, and the Subcommittee presented weak evidence to make its case. The past decade has seen a thorough reconsideration of saturated fats, and now, there are close to 20 review papers reexamining the evidence—which have near-universally concluded that saturated fats have no effect on cardiovascular or total mortality.  

Delaying the report will give time for a thorough investigation into these allegations. 

By signing this letter, you are helping to push for Dietary Guidelines that are based on a comprehensive review of the science and are therefore more likely to help the public regain its health. Thank you for any contribution to this effort!  

Click here to sign a physicians’ letter of support. In addition, it would be extremely helpful if you could also take time here to contact your representatives in Congress and let them know the importance of getting the Guidelines right. As an expert in the field, your voice will be able to resonate more than most, I hope you will take some time to try to help generate change to our far-reaching nutrition policy. 

Thank you,  

Nina Teicholz 

Executive Director 

The Nutrition Coalition  

Read more about the allegations in our press release and letter to USDA-HHS. 


Eat clean, drink filtered water, love, laugh, exercise outdoors in a greenspace, get some morning sunlight, block the blue light before bed, engage in meaningful work, find a sense of purpose, spend time with those you love, AND sleep well tonight.

Doctor Bob

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