Follow up to Letter from Front Line Doctor post and more

After posting the letter from an ER doc who eloquently expressed the danger, concerns, and most importantly, call for action I realized that some explanation for the lay person is necessary.

Intubation is the placement of a breathing tube into the windpipe for a person in respiratory failure. During the procedure the doctor and all providers in the immediate area are in a very high risk situation because the droplets filled with billions of virus can become aerosolized. I previously explained the difference between spread by droplet vs aerosol. Droplets fall to the floor and surfaces where virus can be infectious for hours. But when aerosolized, the virus remains suspended in the air for hours and anyone entering the area can become infected by simply breathing the air.

During intubation the doctor has his/her face inches from the patients mouth and nose. During this procedure droplets can become aerosolized. Even wearing a perfectly fitting N95 mask, goggles, gown, gloves the doctor (and those assisting) is/are not completely protected.

I received a warning letter from an ENT surgeon at Stanford, warning colleagues about cases of ENT and Neuro-surgery (endoscopic surgery through the nose) where despite FULL PPE, all practitioners in the operating room became infected and  surgeons have died. The ENT surgeon warned that PPE with N-95 mask was not fully protective and recommended PAPRs be used (Powered, Air Purifying Respirators.) Here is what the surgeon reported he received from his international colleagues:

“All 14 people who came in and out of the OR during that case became infected. He saw this repeat with other endoscopic cases

He has also shared that a significant number of doctors who died in China were ENTs and Ophthalmologists, possibly due to the high viral shedding from the nasal cavity. This has now been confirmed in the media as well.[i]


All 14 people who entered and left the operating room during the surgery became infected despite wearing PPE!!!!!!!!!!

“we have additionally heard from Iran that at least 20 ENTs are currently hospitalized with COVID-19, with 20 more in isolation at home.” 

Although SARs had a higher mortality rate, IT WAS NOT AS CONTAGIOUS.

This demonstrates how contagious this virus can be, and that was early on in China and Iran, before it mutated. Mutations can make the virus more contagious and more lethal. There has already been a SECOND STRAIN IDENTIFIED.

In my career I have performed more than 10,000 intubations. Many under emergency circumstances. Donning full PPE correctly takes time and when in a hurry the N95 mask may not be perfectly fitted. (WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW)

Although I have intubated people with sepsis and TB under emergency conditions, I have never been exposed to the level of danger that doctors and other providers around the world are now experiencing. The PPE (personal protection equipment) is already running short in hot zones. Many hospitals are a few days away from running out. MANY PROVDERS are reusing PPE that is not meant to be reused.

AS more doctors, nurses, and techs become infected (which is inevitable) there will be less personnel to care for patients so MORTALITY RATES WILL INCREASE.

This has not been factored into the epidemiologic models and projections.

Temporary emergency hospital tents are great, but useless without personnel. There is a limited # of ICU and ER doctors, nurses and techs. And they all need PPE.

That is why flattening the curve is so important.

That is why folks who ignore the behavioral guidelines are reckless and endangering others in the community and in hospitals.

We need to hear this every day from Doctors like FAUCI.

Misinformation from uninformed and anti-science politicians is tragically harmful.


Ventilators are useless without doctors, nurses and respiratory therapists to manage them. So production of ventilators is futile unless PPE are prioritized, WHICH HAS NOT YET HAPPENED. Shortages abound and the executive branch has not coordinated the private sector in addressing production and distribution. Instead leaving it up to the MARKET!

This has been described as a WAR, but we are not mobilizing the way we did during WW2. Mobilization requires central coordination, not bidding wars between states and hospitals for PPE, bleach and other sanitizers.

Here is the link to AN instructional video on donning PPE. Watch how long it takes and the steps required to achieve proper fit and seal for the N95 mask. Now imagine doing that while a patient is blue/hypoxic, or in cardiac and/OR respiratory arrest.



Later I will post practical precautions for groceries, mail, gas stations etc. A separate page on this website will document that.

I will also create a COVID 19 page with cut and pasted excerpts from documents as well as links to informative documents, videos and websites.


I do not wish to create or contribute to panic, if you follow the recommendations of shelter in place and social distancing and follow good hygiene you and everyone around you will be MUCH SAFER. I merely want to emphasize why flattening the curve and following recommendations are so important. The more people comply, the shorter will be the time when we can prudently start to return incrementally to normal activity.

Testing still remains inadequate with backlogs of 10 days in hot zones. So the information we are getting on # of cases is almost 2 weeks behind what is out there and even if we had 45 minute turn around, the testing kits are being rationed. So we are just seeing the tip of the iceberg. And that will be the UNFORTUNATE situation for a while.

Although we have seen TOO LITTLE TOO LATE, we can still flatten the curve by following recommended practices. We can still save lives, prevent disability and suffering, and get to a point where we can return to a more “normal” life. The longer we wait for every state to institute necessary measures (Florida is an example of inadequate measures) the longer will be our restrictions.

Remember, you can boost your immune system by getting adequate restorative sleep, rest, exercise, sunshine, stress reduction and eating an anti-inflammatory diet. Avoid alcohol (which impairs your immune system) and quit smoking. You can help prepare your body to mitigate a cytokine storm by increasing in your cell membranes, the omega 3 marine fats (EPA and DHA) which are the precursors for RESOLVINS that help regulate the inflammatory response. The inflammatory response is protective but when out of control it can be lethal in the ICU or on your way to the hospital. Your body’s defense systems can be optimized by eating an anti-inflammatory diet rich in nutrients that support immunity and regulate inflammation. A healthy diet can only be beneficial. All of these measures can be practiced while sheltering in place and practicing social distancing.


Eat clean, drink filtered water, love, laugh, exercise outdoors in a greenspace, get some morning sunlight, block the blue light before bed, engage in meaningful work, find a sense of purpose, spend time with those you love, AND sleep well tonight.

Doctor Bob

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