STATINS OF NO BENEFIT AGE 80 AND UP, even after a heart attack!

Finally IT HAS BEEN LOOKED AT AND TRUTHFULLY PUBLISHED, statin drugs for individuals 80 years of age and older  WITH DOCUMENTED HEART DISEASE SHOWS NO BENEFIT, EVEN AFTER A HEART ATTACK Here is the abstract from the study Statin Therapy and Mortality in Older Adults With CAD Abstract Objectives: To examine the effect of statins […]

Can goose liver, grass-fed meat, aged hard cheese, free range eggs and cod liver oil prevent a heart attack?

The data suggests that the answer is yes. The first four of these health foods are rich sources of vitamin K2 and the last food item is packed with Vitamins A and D. The proposed mechanism for their protective effect rests in a wonderful biological quartet. The instruments of this quartet include  the fat soluble […]

Stomach bacteria can cause and worsen heart disease

A recent study from Italy (1) has identified a relationship between the bacteria that causes stomach ulcers and heart disease. H Pylori is a bacteria that can colonize the lining of the stomach and remain there for a lifetime unless diagnosed and eliminated with antibiotics. This bacteria was demonstrated to be a major cause of […]

Fat consumption, Fat circulating in your blood, Heart Disease

Another nail has been driven into the coffin of the diet-heart hypothesis. The Annals of Internal Medicine (the official journal for the American College of Physicians) just published a review article that considered three kinds of studies related to fat and heart disease. (1) Studies that evaluated the association between dietary consumption of different kinds […]

COVID-19 and Death Certificates, Trumps Allegations

Trump has recently accused doctors of falsifying death certificates for financial gain. Let’s be clear. If a patient is hospitalized with viral pneumonia and dies, the cause of death has ALWAYS been listed as the viral pneumonia, no matter what complications occurred, no matter what the pre-existing conditions were. Viral pneumonia can cause heart attack, […]

The Nutrition Coalition: Collection of Published Studies on Saturated Fat

The Nutrition Coalition is an organization devoted to bringing science to the forefront of dietary recommendations. I have copied and pasted the coalition’s collection of scientific papers related to Saturated Fat below with a link at the top. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY In order to continue the limits on saturated fat, health officials must show ample […]

Fat Fiction: this movie could save your life

The USDA Dietary Guidelines are about to be published again with an update. Unfortunately, despite much input from the scientific community requesting that the dietary guidelines address the epidemics of obesity and diabetes, it looks like nothing will change. More than 50 scientific papers that support a Very Low Carbohydrate approach to address obesity, diabetes […]

Sleep! You can’t live without it.

Circadian rhythm refers to the cycling of hormones according to the time of day. Every hormone cycles with daylight and darkness, each in it’s own way. Our brain has a master clock, called the circadian clock, controlled by specialized cells deep in the brain. There is a direct connection from our retina (in the back […]

Don’t eat plastic foam in your food, another reason to avoid bread, bakery and flour foods

I recently came across an article at, Nearly 500 ways to make a yoga mat sandwich | EWG “If you’ve planked on a yoga mat, slipped on flip-flops, extracted a cell phone from protective padding or lined an attic with foam insulation, chances are you’ve had a brush with an industrial chemical called azodicarbonamide, […]

Fred Kummerow, PhD, fought the battle against Trans Fats for over 50 years.

Professor Fred Kummerow passed away on May 31 at his home in Urbana, Ill at age 102. He ate butter, red meat and eggs cooked in butter, along with plenty of fruits and vegetables. He avoided margarine, french fries and other fried foods, along with cookies, cake and crackers which contained artificial trans-fats. He conducted […]