The Nutrition Coalition: Collection of Published Studies on Saturated Fat

The Nutrition Coalition is an organization devoted to bringing science to the forefront of dietary recommendations. I have copied and pasted the coalition’s collection of scientific papers related to Saturated Fat below with a link at the top. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY In order to continue the limits on saturated fat, health officials must show ample […]

COVID 19: Link to Vitamin D status. Should doctors prescribe sunshine?

Preliminary (not yet peer reviewed) data on mortality rates with COVID-19 infection from Indonesia show a dramatic increase in death rates associated with low vitamin D status. Relative Risk of DEATH Corrected for age, sex, and co-morbidities Vitamin D level (ng/ml)   10.1 <20 7.6 21-29   1   >= 30 Prabowo, Patterns of COVID […]

Obesity Epidemic Requires a Paradigm Shift

The obesity epidemic requires a paradigm shift. Several medical myths stand in the way of taking the most effective steps to safely help patients lose weight. The most important myth relates to saturated fat. Saturated fat consumption does not contribute to cardiovascular disease. This must be understood and accepted by the medical community so that […]

Fred Kummerow, PhD, fought the battle against Trans Fats for over 50 years.

Professor Fred Kummerow passed away on May 31 at his home in Urbana, Ill at age 102. He ate butter, red meat and eggs cooked in butter, along with plenty of fruits and vegetables. He avoided margarine, french fries and other fried foods, along with cookies, cake and crackers which contained artificial trans-fats. He conducted […]

STATINS OF NO BENEFIT AGE 80 AND UP, even after a heart attack!

Finally IT HAS BEEN LOOKED AT AND TRUTHFULLY PUBLISHED, statin drugs for individuals 80 years of age and older¬† WITH DOCUMENTED HEART DISEASE SHOWS NO BENEFIT, EVEN AFTER A HEART ATTACK Here is the abstract from the study Statin Therapy and Mortality in Older Adults With CAD Abstract Objectives: To examine the effect of statins […]

Nutrition Journals and the influence of the food industry

Ever wonder why the public is so confused about nutrition recommendations? Just follow the money and you will understand that most of the professional societies that publish nutrition articles are funded by big food companies that are trying to sell more sugar, refined carbs and junk food. I recently read an excellent post about this […]

Why do our tax dollars continue to subsidize death, disability and disease?

Yesterday I posted a comment on Medscape after reading an article Longtime Dietary Fat Advice Unsupported by Data: Analysis . Medscape is a website with articles and news written for physicians and other health professionals. Anyone can access this information by creating a user name and password, there is no fee. Here is my comment. […]

Amputations, Gangrene and Carbohydrates

As an anesthesiologist I have spent more than 60,000 hours in the operating room and cared for over 30,000 patients. I often observe the end-results of bad dietary advice. I am referring to the liberal carbohydrate allowance that the American Diabetes Association and other agencies offer diabetics. Today was a particularly poignant day as I […]

Stomach bacteria can cause and worsen heart disease

A recent study from Italy (1) has identified a relationship between the bacteria that causes stomach ulcers and heart disease. H Pylori is a bacteria that can colonize the lining of the stomach and remain there for a lifetime unless diagnosed and eliminated with antibiotics. This bacteria was demonstrated to be a major cause of […]

Can goose liver, grass-fed meat, aged hard cheese, free range eggs and cod liver oil prevent a heart attack?

The data suggests that the answer is yes. The first four of these health foods are rich sources of vitamin K2 and the last food item is packed with Vitamins A and D. The proposed mechanism for their protective effect rests in a wonderful biological quartet. The instruments of this quartet include¬† the fat soluble […]